Change Your Calcium!

Milk. We have all been told to drink it as we grow to gain calcium and build strong bones. But did you know, man is the only species that drinks milk beyond infancy? Look around, no other species does so, because it is not natural. In fact, the only reason humans have tolerance to lactose is because the development of pasteurization led to lactose tolerance as a favorable trait in the population.

The human population has never really favored the ability to digest milk, yet milk, yogurt and cheese are some of the main forms of calcium for the citizens of the US. In order to help you stay more balanced and natural with your calcium intake, here are some other food options to satisfy your calcium needs:

  • kale
  • broccoli
  • Chinese cabbage
  • fish (ex. sardines, salmon)
  • grains in large amounts (ex. breads, pastas, unfortified cereals)
  • some breakfast cereals
  • some fruit juices
  • some soy and rice beverages
  • some tofu

To make sure what you are eating contains the amount of calcium you would like, be sure to read the nutrition labels. Information was provided by the Office of Dietary Supplements through the National Institutes of Health. Read their calcium dietary supplement fact sheet to learn more about calcium and your needs.

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