Go Folic! Wecomes Sharonya Shrivastava

Hello everyone! My name is Sharonya Shrivastava, and I am excited to be the new Family Planning Intern for the San Francisco Department of Public Health Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Section! During this spring semester, I will be utilizing social networking websites to increase awareness of the Go Folic! Women’s Nutrition Project and blog, as well as conduct outreach for the project and MCAH programs in the community.

I am from Granite Bay, CA, a suburban town a half an hour northeast ofSacramento, CA, but am currently residing in Berkeley, CA. I am a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley, intending to major in Integrative Biology.

I am also on the pre-medical track, but of late have been delving into the public health sector of the health field. As far as past health experience goes, I have been a participating member of the American Diabetes Association’s Walk for Diabetes, and have raised funds and awareness towards the organization and research into diabetes treatment and prevention.

I have also interned at Roseville Internal Medicine, a private practice in my hometown, where I was able to observe front desk and office interactions as well as manage patient files and other office paperwork. I am eager to begin working as a Family Planning Intern because I will finally get the chance to be involved directly in the public health sector through this organization!

I am looking forward to blogging for the Go Folic! Women’s Nutrition Project because I enjoy this style of writing and method of communication. Over the summer, I was a Featured Blogger for YouthNoise (just merged with mobilize.org), a social media website in which young people blog about various issues or ideas of interest and reach other youth their age.

This was a wonderful experience, because I was essentially given an open space to blog about one of my passions: the environment. Through the blog, I was able to reach others, both young and old, who shared my very same interests. In this way, I learned a lot about the field I was writing about through my research for each biweekly blog.

I hope to gain knowledge and resources in the same way from this internship, so I will build skills to speak confidently about this particular health issue as well as learn more about it from Go Folic! clients and supporters.  I cannot wait to get started!

6 thoughts on “Go Folic! Wecomes Sharonya Shrivastava

  1. Welcome, and I wish you luck in letting women know about the project and folic acid! Women in San Francisco have a great opportunity to learn to live in better health.

  2. Hi Sharonya,

    Welcome to S.F. MCAH! I love the fact that you will be using social networking sites. Good luck with your work!

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