How much do you know about preventing birth defects? (Quiz)


In the U.S., about 1 out of every 3 babies is born with some type of birth defect.  Many of them could have been prevented.  So how much do you know about preventing birth defects?  We figured that we would follow up yesterday’s re-blog of the Go Folic! UK’s post about Vitamin B-12 with this short quiz (it will open in a new window, everyone passes).

Go to CDC Birth Defects Quiz (will open in a new window)

Once you’re finished, please share this information with friends and family members, especially those who are trying to become pregnant or could get pregnant.

The Folate Flash Mob #HAWCM 11


The Folate Flash Mob – Carolers with a Healthy Twist

We originally posted this video in December 2010.  But when asked as part of the Health Activist Writers Challenge Month to pick a song that represented our health issue, how could we resist? Even though it’s a little “out of season,” it’s really fun.  We wish that we could take credit, but all credit is due the NYC March of Dimes Folate Flash Mob , which entertained holiday shoppers on November 30th, 2010 in NYC’s Greeley Square.  Enjoy!

P.S., The March of Dimes works to reduce birth defects.  For more March of Dimes NYC videos, click here.

Featured YouTube Video: “Safe Sex” A Story of Birth Control Sabotage


When we feature videos, we try to choose media that makes the viewer think about the various issues of today and how information is passed along in this fast-paced social media-oriented world. So check out this video, because this is one of the first music videos we’ve seen about the issue of contraceptive sabotage. 

Researchers who work in the area of relationship violence have found that up to 50% of all unintended pregnancies happen when a male partner messes with his female partner’s birth control.   Some questions – has this happened to you or any of your friends?  How do you think women should deal with this? Do you think this is an effective way to spread information about this issue?  We want to hear your thoughts!