Hi again…!

Hi again everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve last posted, so we decided to start to get back on track. First things first, a warm welcome to all of our new followers and an even warmer hello to our dedicated previous followers. Go Folic! Get Healthy is a nutritional project we have created here in San Francisco. We are all about YOU! Our primary focus is ensuring every female of child-bearing age gets the proper amount of folic acid (according to the NIH an average of 400mcg). Go Folic! Get Healthy is so committed to making sure every female in SF can get adequate folic acid we provide FREE VITAMINS!! Currently you can come to 30 Van Ness, suit 210 during business hours (Monday – Thursday, 1pm-4pm) and we will give you a free bottle of multivitamins.

Folic Acid Awareness Week is January 5, 2014- January 11, 2014 and during that week we will have so many great activities going on in the community, but most importantly that will be the start of your local community clinics distributing multivitamins. Way more convenient, right?!

WHAT IS IT REALLY? What is folic acid?? Folic acid is water-soluble B vitamin, which is important for women to get before, during, and after pregnancy. Folic Acid helps produce DNA and form healthy new cells. The process of creating new healthy cells is inevitably important to a developing fetus.

WHY? Why, you ask. 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned! WHAT THE FOLIC?? So all you women out there who are not planning on having a baby anytime soon and women who are…. Listen up…. Folic Acid is VERY important in helping reduce the number of babies born with neural tube defects. Neural tube defects are defects in the brain or spine of the developing fetus, which ultimately lead to various problems when the baby is born.

So now that we know why us ladies should take folic acid if we get pregnant, let’s talk about the other reasons we want to take folic acid. How many times have you looked in the mirror and wondered when is your hair finally going to grow out of the, not-so-hot-haircut-anymore? Well ladies, fortunately the answer has been right in front of us. Yes, you guessed correctly, the answer is folic acid. Folic acid has shown to increase the rate of hair and nail growth. And speaking from first hand experience here at Go Folic! Get Healthy, we have experienced it ourselves!

So let’s recap… to help prevent any neural tube defects from happening, as well as to expedite your hair & nail growth, a daily multivitamin with 400mcg of folic acid, as well as eating folate rich foods help reduce your chances (or grow longer hair)! You can find folate (the form of folic acid once it gets broken down in the body) in food such as dark green vegetables, beans, and fortified cereals. In addition, a few fruits such as, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, oranges and grapefruit juice also are rich in folate.

Well ladies and gent’s (those of you wise guys who want to ensure their girlfriend, wife, sister, cousin, etc. stay healthy) it’s been a pleasure… This is just the start of many more blogs to come. As we continue to blog we will get more in depth of the specifics of folic acid. If there are any specific questions on folic acid please comment and let us know. Also, if there are any topics in particular you want to know more about, we can also take request for blog topicsJ

Until next time, keep folicin’ San Francisco.


Go Folic! On Vacation


The GO FOLIC! Web Team will be on vacation through September 30, 2012.  However, women living in San Francisco  can still get free Go Folic! Multivitamins – click here to find out how.  Also, while we won’t be blogging, you can still follow us on Twitter @gofolic to get news about new research findings in women’s health.

Even though we won’t be blogging, we’ll be busy behind the scenes.  When we come back, on October 1, we’ll have a whole new look, new regular blog columnists and columns, and an updated Facebook page. Also, we’ll have an expanded focus on all of women’s preventive health.

Where are My Multis Contest is Back for National Nutrition Month®!

Where are My Multis? Photo - March 2012

Where in the world are our Go Folic! Multis this month?  Email us with your correct guess and if you’re the 15th person to get it right, you’ll win two free AMC movie passes (good at any AMC movie theater).

In line with our March emphasis on nutrition, our multis are hanging out with the fruits and veggies.  They know that your body can make better use of them when they are taken with healthful foods.   The location is, of course, in San Francisco.

So, here is how to enter the contest:

  1. Decide where the photo was taken.
  2. Email us your best guess at gofolic@yahoo.com by Friday, March 23 at 12 AM.
  3. Include your mailing address in case you win if you would like for us to mail your tickets; you can also pick then up at the Go Folic! office (and get some free vitamins, also).
  4. If you win, we’ll email you and arrange to get you the tickets.
  5. We will announce the winner on our blog, twitter feed and Facebook page on Wednesday, March 28 by noon.

Good luck!

Notes from the Field – OMI United Festival

Go Folic! was invited to join the OMI United Festival on April 30th .  The festival was held in Minnie & Lovie Ward Recreation Center, a newly build recreation in the Oceanview-Merced-Ingleside (OMI) neighborhood.   It has a large courtyard and different small class rooms. 

It was one of the sunniest days in April.  Go Folic! was in the courtyard giving out educational materials and free vitamins. 

One lady came by and said: “I remember you from one of your presentations.   I told my daughter who is planning to have a baby about folic acid.  She now started using your recipes brochure and eating a folate rich diet.” 

One other woman told me how great her nails became after taking folic acid. 

The woman next to her immediately said: “Really?! It really helps?  I should definitely take some.”  Now I feel how powerful and influential word of mouth can be.

Besides the great stories from our participants, Go Folic! also enjoyed the performances by community organizations.   It was also great to see Balboa Teen Health Center, Clinic by the Bay, OMI Family Resource Center, and many other organizations out there in the OMI.

CONTEST ALERT – Where are my June multis?

This month, our Go Folic! Multi Bottle has come back to San Francisco!  The multis went to a very old hospital which is now under renovation.  You know where it is?  Be the FIRST to email the correct location to win TWO AMC movie tickets!

Here are the rules:

1. Figure out where this picture was taken.

2. Be the FIRST person to email us at gofolic@yahoo.com with your guess and address.

3. The person who guesses the location correctly first will receive two free AMC Theater Movie Passes.  And they’ll be featured here on our blog and website.

4. Good luck!

Notes From the Field – Richmond Community Health Festival

On Saturday, May 14th, Go Folic! particpated in the 7th Annual Richmond Community Health Festival. People from all over the community gathered inside the huge gym to receive free health information and screenings for blood pressure, bone density, vision, and body mass index, among other things. Outside of the rec center, there were food tastings with steamed buns from local vendors. For the children, a book mobile was onsite, allowing them to view and purchase books.

The event was a huge success! Mei Lin and I had a steady stream of people interested in learning more about folic acid and receiving vitamins.

I remember one woman, in particular.  She came up to me and asked if she could take some vitamins for her daughter who had given birth two years ago but had stopped taking vitamins.

“Of course you can!” I replied.

She then explained that her daughter would only take them if she was the one to bring them to her. This mother talked about her relationship with her daughter and how important it was for her to be involved in her life.

She mimicked her daughter saying, “She says to me,  ‘You don’t know, you’re old Chinese’! I say to her, ‘I’m right Chinese, so do it’!” After that, her daughter would do whatever she suggested.

We died laughing, but it was great to see how it’s possible to reach people through others. I’ll bet $100 that her daughter is taking her vitamins religiously!

Notes From the Field – Chinatown New Year’s Festival

A couple of weeks ago, the Go Folic! Staff and I tabled at the Chinatown New Year’s Street Fair. This was my first event with the program. It was bright and sunny, but still cold from the rainstorm we had the previous day.

It was my job to pass out coupons for free vitamins with the location of our booth that was set up on Washington street between Grant and Stockton. Mei Lin had armed me with a catch phrase in Cantonese, “Mein phi wei ta ming!” which translates to “free vitamins!” I was nervous that I would butcher the pronunciation and offend people, but I was determined to get the word out. I made my way to a line of people waiting at a booth. I opened up my mouth and with all the confidence I could muster up I shouted “Mein phi wei ta ming!” Immediately, heads turned and I held my breath for their reaction. What I got was surprise followed by warm smiles and a few chuckles. People began to gather and hold out their hands for the coupons. One woman said, “You speak Cantonese?” I replied, “I try!”

Later on that day, I saw some of the people from that line at our booth receiving their vitamins. When we made eye contact we would wave or smile. Just these few interactions made me feel like I was apart of the community. By the end of the day I was comfortable with my phrase and even attempted new ones. I thought to myself this is what community building is all about!

Check out the video on YouTube and watch us in action!

Joy geen! (“Bye!” in Cantonese :))