Hi again…!

Hi again everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve last posted, so we decided to start to get back on track. First things first, a warm welcome to all of our new followers and an even warmer hello to our dedicated previous followers. Go Folic! Get Healthy is a nutritional project we have created here in San Francisco. We are all about YOU! Our primary focus is ensuring every female of child-bearing age gets the proper amount of folic acid (according to the NIH an average of 400mcg). Go Folic! Get Healthy is so committed to making sure every female in SF can get adequate folic acid we provide FREE VITAMINS!! Currently you can come to 30 Van Ness, suit 210 during business hours (Monday – Thursday, 1pm-4pm) and we will give you a free bottle of multivitamins.

Folic Acid Awareness Week is January 5, 2014- January 11, 2014 and during that week we will have so many great activities going on in the community, but most importantly that will be the start of your local community clinics distributing multivitamins. Way more convenient, right?!

WHAT IS IT REALLY? What is folic acid?? Folic acid is water-soluble B vitamin, which is important for women to get before, during, and after pregnancy. Folic Acid helps produce DNA and form healthy new cells. The process of creating new healthy cells is inevitably important to a developing fetus.

WHY? Why, you ask. 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned! WHAT THE FOLIC?? So all you women out there who are not planning on having a baby anytime soon and women who are…. Listen up…. Folic Acid is VERY important in helping reduce the number of babies born with neural tube defects. Neural tube defects are defects in the brain or spine of the developing fetus, which ultimately lead to various problems when the baby is born.

So now that we know why us ladies should take folic acid if we get pregnant, let’s talk about the other reasons we want to take folic acid. How many times have you looked in the mirror and wondered when is your hair finally going to grow out of the, not-so-hot-haircut-anymore? Well ladies, fortunately the answer has been right in front of us. Yes, you guessed correctly, the answer is folic acid. Folic acid has shown to increase the rate of hair and nail growth. And speaking from first hand experience here at Go Folic! Get Healthy, we have experienced it ourselves!

So let’s recap… to help prevent any neural tube defects from happening, as well as to expedite your hair & nail growth, a daily multivitamin with 400mcg of folic acid, as well as eating folate rich foods help reduce your chances (or grow longer hair)! You can find folate (the form of folic acid once it gets broken down in the body) in food such as dark green vegetables, beans, and fortified cereals. In addition, a few fruits such as, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, oranges and grapefruit juice also are rich in folate.

Well ladies and gent’s (those of you wise guys who want to ensure their girlfriend, wife, sister, cousin, etc. stay healthy) it’s been a pleasure… This is just the start of many more blogs to come. As we continue to blog we will get more in depth of the specifics of folic acid. If there are any specific questions on folic acid please comment and let us know. Also, if there are any topics in particular you want to know more about, we can also take request for blog topicsJ

Until next time, keep folicin’ San Francisco.


Join TriDelta in Stopping the Fat Talk!

What is fat talk?  We know it when we hear it!  Most of us engage in it, even though we know that it carries a cost, and most of us  admire women who don’t engage in it.  In 2008, the sorority TriDelta decided to do something to stop it by instituting Fat Talk Free Week in October.

So, how do we stop the fat talk?

Here are some great tips on becoming “Fat Talk Free” from OperationBeautiful.com:

  • Consciously correct yourself if you Fat Talk.  Replace those thoughts with something realistic and positive.
  • Don’t compare your body to others.
  • Appreciate your body for what it can do.  If you feel down and are Fat Talking, try going for a walk and enjoy being outside.
  • Turn a negative into a positive.  Instead of “I’m stocky,” try “I’m strong!”
  • Never Fat Talk in front of your kids or friends.

To Learn More, to Share Your Story & to Get a Very Cool Button…

Stop bad body talk button available from changethemessage.com.Visit Changethemessage.com. The organization, run by Jill Shaffer, RD, and Nancy Logue, Ph.D. provides workshops for people who want to be more accepting of themselves and their bodies. They also provide workshops for educators, coaches and healthcare professionals. They are currently inviting people to share their personal stories about how they are “changing the message.” While there, you can purchase the very cool button pictured at left in order to help start (or stop) the conversation.

Why is this so important?

We leave you with Lily Myers performing her powerful poem, “Shrinking Woman,” about battling cultural and family imperatives that women be thin.  This was taped at the 2013 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational, where her poem was awarded “Best Love Poem.”

Foodie Tuesday: Chicken Salad with Melon & Mango

chicken salad with melon and mangoWho knew that July was Mango & Melon Month? When we found out, we decided that our last recipe of the month had to be dedicated to these two fruits, both of which are in season right now and both of which are also high in folate!

Today’s recipe, adapted from a recipe that was originally published on Food.com, makes the perfect light summer dinner. It will not only keep you from using the stove, it is also guaranteed to help you re-hydrate after a day in the hot summer sun, as melons are full of water, as well as folate.  Be sure to save your mango peels for today’s bonus face mask! (Scroll to end of this post.)

For the Salad

  • 2 cups rotisserie chicken, skinned and shredded or cubed
  • 2 mangoes, peeled (peels saved), flesh cut off the seed, then diced
  • 1/2 small  honeydew, cubed or cut with a melon-baller
  • 1/2 small cantaloupe, cubed or cut with a melon-baller
  • 6 cups pre-washed sweet mixed lettuce greens

For the Vinaigrette

  • 1 small mango (peel saved), peeled seeded and roughly chopped
  • 2 tablespoons raspberry vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons fruity extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons white wine


  1. Carefully toss chicken with cubed mango and melons.
  2. Puree all vinaigrette ingredients in a blender; pour over chicken and fruit.
  3. Divide salad greens between four plates; top with dressed chicken and fruit.

Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Cooking Time: 0 Minutes
4 Servings, 63 mcg Folate (16% RDA)

Bonus Face Mask! (Or What to Do with the Mango Peels)

We hope that you saved your peels!  In addition to being full of nutrition, mango contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), known to be good for skin. While AHA is listed as a prime ingredient in many expensive skin cleansers and masks, you can save money and avoid harmful chemicals by making your own mask from mango peels. To find out how, check out this post from Starre Vartan, first published on the Eco-Chick website.


Weekly Round-Up: Women’s Health News 7.19.13

From new treatments to gonorrhea to the role of birth control in improving maternal and child health, it was a week full of promising health news for women. Read on!

gonorrhea bacteriaBreakthrough in Treating Gonorrhea
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States with an estimated 800,000 gonorrhea infections per year.  An increasing number of these cases involve a strain of the bacteria that is resistant to current antibiotic regimens.  However, a recent trial conducted by the CDC and the National Institutes of Health found that two new antibiotic regimens using existing drugs could be effective in treating this resistant strain.  This is exciting news since untreated gonorrhea, which can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), is one of the leading causes of infertility in women. Visit the CDC newsroom for more information.

A healthy mom and her toddlerContraception Key To Decreasing Maternal, Child Deaths, U.N. Panel Says
The World Health Organization estimates that a woman dies from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes every 90 seconds.  Now, according to a United Nations report released this month, improving access to contraception should be a key element in efforts to reduce maternal and child deaths.  In one of our favorite sayings, Family Planning = Healthy Women = Healthy Families = Healthy Communities. To read more, see this article in the Los Angeles Times‘ “Science Now” reports.

teengirlsCalifornia’s Teen Birth Rate Continues to Drop
Over the past 20 years, California’s teen birth rate has dropped from a peak of 70.9 per every 1000 girls, ages 15-10 in 1991 to a low of 28.0.  California state attributes the decline to an aggressive multi-pronged approach that includes comprehensive sex education in high schools, community-based programs that promote parent-child communication about sex, and services and support for pregnant and parenting teens.  We believe that another contributing factor is the State’s commitment to increasing teen access to family planning services. To read the press release, click here.

Good news for HIV+ women who want to get pregnant!
A new National Institutes of Health (NIH) study found that the anti-HIV drugs recommended for pregnant HIV+ women do not appear to increase their children’s risk for language delay. Read more…

birthcontrolpillsWhy do some women get pregnant on the pill?
Amanda Mascarelli tackled this question this week in the Washington Post’s Health & Science section.  She started looking for the anser after getting pregnant twice while on the pill.  While most on-the-pill pregnancies occur due to missed pills, a small percentage of women will get pregnant even when using the method correctly.  The other women?   Read how her research lead her to switch to the IUC here.

Ditch Your Diet! The Case Against Dieting

Does this sound odd coming from a health organization?

There is a a growing body of evidence that fitness is a much better predictor of health than weight One important study found that people with BMIs (body mass index) in the “overweight” category (25-29.9, between 156-179 pounds for a 5’5″ tall woman) had a lower risk of death than those whose BMIs put them in the “normal” category.

Diets don’t work…

We know, you’re not just dieting for your health!  You also want to fit into your skinny jeans.  But restricting calories, while it may get you into those pants for a while, doesn’t work in the long term.  Up to 95% of  dieters regain the weight they lost, and sometimes more, within three to five years (see “The Fat Trap” by New York Times columnist, Tara Parker Pope).

It’s not just that diets don’t work.  The constant emphasis on thinness is bad for our psychological, spiritual and physical health.  According to the Association for Size Diversity and Health, which pioneered the Health At Every Size® (HAESSM) approach:

  • Restrictive dieting and weight cycling can lead to physical complications including
    slowed metabolism, reduced muscle tissue and body temperature,
    and eating disorders.
  • 81% of 10-year-olds admit to dieting, binge eating, or a fear of getting fat and we are now
    seeing eating disorders in children as young as five.

You are more than a number!

Despite what the culture and the $60 Billion + diet industry would have us believe, there is no “ideal number” for health.  And just as health comes in all shapes and sizes, so does beauty.  As do talent, creativity, intelligence and worth.

How much energy have you spent trying to reach an “ideal” that is’nt healthy or attainable for most of us?  What could you accomplish were you to focus that energy elsewhere?

To quote from The Body Positive website, “Women and girls waste their time, brainpower, and money in desperate attempts to achieve unattainable beauty standards. These same resources can, instead, be put toward the pursuit of balanced health behaviors and activities rich with purpose and meaning.”

We’d like to leave y0u with this promotional video from @thebodypositive.

Celebrate Your Worth! Letter to Your 16 Year Old Self

Challenge 10 of this year’s Health Activist Writer’s  Challenge Month

Recognize your worth!  
You have so much to give, don’t doubt your gifts.  Don’t allow anyone else to make you doubt them.

Recognize your worth!
Believe in your ability to set and reach goals, to overcome challenges, and to accept help when offered.

Recognize your worth!
Celebrate your body!  Though advertisers and the diet industry would have you believe otherwise (their profits depend on your and other women’s insecurities), beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and the number on the scale is only a number.

Recognize your worth!
Love your body, its curves, its strength, all the things it does for you.  Honor it with healthy eats, rest, movement – all for their own sakes, and for joy of the body rather than in pursuit of some unattainable and unhealthy heroin chic media promoted impossible ideal.

Recognize your worth!
You have the right to and deserve respect, honesty and consideration in relationships – whether with romantic partners, friends and family members.  You have the right to set limits, to express desire and to experience pleasure.

Recognize your worth.
Treat yourself with the same consideration that you would show to the people you love.

With love, not only for myself but for every other woman in my life, as well…


Going Folic! an Easy to Keep New Year’s Resolution!

The Promise of 2012Lose weight… 
Stop procrastinating…
Start exercising…
Spend more time with friends…

How many of us keep our New Year’s Resolutions?  More often than not, energetic promises are broken as the year wears on and life catches up with our better intentions. 

But if you decide to get more folic acid this is one resolution you just might keep.  It’s easy!  Either:

1. Take a daily multivitamin with 400 mcg of folic acid (click here to find out how San Francisco women can get a year’s supply of free vitamins) 


2. Eat a daily bowl of cereal that’s been fortified with 400 mcg of folic acid (download a graphic of which cereals are).

Your hair, skin and nails will thank you!  Since your body uses folic acid to make new cells, getting enough may give you shinier hair, stronger nails and healthier skin.  The rest of your body will thank you too, as folic acid supports heart health and may help to prevent certain cancers, including breast cancer. 

Your future children will thank you also.  Getting enough folic acid at least 3 months before becoming pregnant reduces the risk of having a baby with serious birth defects of the brain and spine (neural tube defects).  It may also lower the risk of premature birth and other serious  birth defects like cleft palate.

So, resolve to Go Folic in 2012! What’s to lose?