Hello Everyone! My name is Diana Bonilla

Hello Everyone!
My name is Diana Bonilla and I am an intern through the Health Education Program at San Francisco State University. I am so excited to be doing my fieldwork this semester at the San Francisco Department of Family Planning Program. I am looking forward to expanding my experience and knowledge when it comes to Family Planning and Women’s Health throughout these next months and strive to be an advocate for those that are underprivileged and under-served.

I wear quite a few hats throughout my day, from intern to student to mom to wife to daughter. I am married to a wonderful man and have a beautiful daughter that will be turning four soon. How time flies! I am also the eldest child of a single mother who immigrated here from Guatemala. Although I was born here I am so grateful for the lessons I learned from my mother about the need to advocate for yourself and the value of hard work. I look forward to bringing everything that I have learned from my personal life experiences and utilizing them as tools to connect with others.
I am very much looking forward to connecting with others and sharing valuable information about the Go Folic! Program because I have seen how important it is to incorporate folic acid into your daily life before, during and after pregnancy. My pregnancy was not planned so I was very grateful for all the information that I received as well as the resources and support from others. The importance of Folic Acid was introduced to me at that time and I continue to take vitamins with folic acid now. I was blessed to have a healthy baby girl and continue to see how folic acid continues to benefit my health. I hope that I can also encourage other women to learn about the benefits of folic acid and to apply it to their lives. http://ow.ly/i/sf1li

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