Janis in Denia, Spain

Hi! My name is Janis Rice and I am the Go Folic! Social Media intern. I will be working on the Go Folic! Project that encourages teenage girls and young women to take folic acid for beauty and health reasons. I will be reinvigorating Go Folic’s presence on the web, working on it’s website and blog and other social media platforms. So expect to see some posts from me! I am excited to intern with the SFDPH and the Family Planning program because I am really interested in how social media can go hand-in-hand with public health efforts. Moreover, I am interested in learning about the Family Planning programs across the city.

I am a recent Boston transplant to the Bay Area and I just graduated from Boston University School of Public Health with my MPH in Maternal and Child Health and Social Behavioral Health. During grad school, I focused on sexual reproductive health, mostly on teenage pregnancy prevention and immigrant sexual health. I also became increasingly interested and involved in sexual health policy and advocacy.

Fun facts:
• I am a Korean adoptee.
• My dad helped organize the Vietnam Veterans Against War march on Washington D.C. in 1971. He also pioneered the first curbside recycling program in the US. And not to be outdone by his past, he was arrested in October 2011 in the Occupy Boston arrests.
• My husband is a chef, but he doesn’t cook for me.
• I was a competitive diver in high school and college.

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