A Taste of Ethiopian

As an avid and open-minded eater, I enjoy and immerse myself in a wide variety of cuisines. But my most favorite culinary adventure I have taken this year has to be my visit to Cafe Colucci, located on Telegraph Ave in Oakland. This restaurant gave me a taste of what has become one my favorite cuisines: Ethiopian. Here is a breakdown of what I ate here.

ImageAny and every meal can be paired with a drink to further enjoy the taste and digest, and for this purpose I started my meal with Ethiopian tea. I am not a huge fan of non-milk teas but I thoroughly enjoyed this beverage, for its smooth liquidity and the perfect tang of sweet flavor.

For my main course, I split the veggie combo with my friends and there was more than enough food for all. The veggie combo incorporated a variety of legumes, salads and other vegetarian items in a large and colorful display, and was absolutely delicious. Meat lovers would enjoy tibs, which is sauteed meat consisting of onions, garlic and fresh rosemary to flavor.Image

The cuisine reminded me so much of Indian food, with its similar spices based in chili peppers, chickpeas and cardamom, as well as actual chickpeas and lentils in many of the dishes. To me, the unique element of the cuisine is the bread. Called teff injera, the grain it is made from is called teff, and it is a main and nutritious item in the Ethiopian diet.

If searching for healthy and delicious restaurants in the Bay Area, I would highly recommend trying Ethiopian! Check out this SFGate article for more Ethiopian restaurants in the area as well as a recipe for Vegetable Alicha, a traditional dish of the cuisine.

This article was written by Sharonya Shrivastava.

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