Celebrate Your Worth! Letter to Your 16 Year Old Self

Challenge 10 of this year’s Health Activist Writer’s  Challenge Month

Recognize your worth!  
You have so much to give, don’t doubt your gifts.  Don’t allow anyone else to make you doubt them.

Recognize your worth!
Believe in your ability to set and reach goals, to overcome challenges, and to accept help when offered.

Recognize your worth!
Celebrate your body!  Though advertisers and the diet industry would have you believe otherwise (their profits depend on your and other women’s insecurities), beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and the number on the scale is only a number.

Recognize your worth!
Love your body, its curves, its strength, all the things it does for you.  Honor it with healthy eats, rest, movement – all for their own sakes, and for joy of the body rather than in pursuit of some unattainable and unhealthy heroin chic media promoted impossible ideal.

Recognize your worth!
You have the right to and deserve respect, honesty and consideration in relationships – whether with romantic partners, friends and family members.  You have the right to set limits, to express desire and to experience pleasure.

Recognize your worth.
Treat yourself with the same consideration that you would show to the people you love.

With love, not only for myself but for every other woman in my life, as well…


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