Haikus for National Public Health Week

Go Folic! is participating in the Wego Health Activist Writers Month Challenge to blog daily, based on a prompt. Today’s prompt was to write a Haiku*. Since it’s National Public Health Week, I decided to try my hand at haiku by honoring this observance.

Communities join,
Fighting for health equity.
Life supporting work.

What’s a body need?
Real food water shelter love,
Healthy Abundance.

With thanks to my coworkers, Renee and Owen, who contributed to the writing of these short odes to the work that we love. To read more health-related haiku, search Twitter with #HAWMC.  And if you have your own health-related haiku or poem, please share it here!

Shivaun Nestor, Go Folic! CoordinatorShivaun Nestor,
Go Folic! Project Coordinator


*For those who are unfamiliar, Haiku is a Japanese poetry form – 3 lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables.

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