An Ekphrasis

An Ekphrasis

How can the quality of life be evaluated? By the degree one has earned? By the money one makes? In the hustle and bustle of today’s society, people strive for excellence, to be at the top of hierarchy in a sea full of competitors. Yet one aspect of life often forsaken is simplicity. The simple tranquil life, of diligence and good old hard labor, is so understated in the society of today, one that yearns be faster and faster as we put in energy to keep up with the times, the trends and the technology.
We are so swept up in getting to where we need to go and to what we need to do, that we leave the most valuable ideas behind, especially that of taking care of others. We should not race through our life paths without a trace, we should pave the way, and leave our mark wherever life takes us. This goes hand in hand with simplicity, in that it is the simple nature of caring for another that fulfills us and provides us joy and stability.
And this brings me to health. Health is all about caring, watching out for another or one’s own well-being. This is what Go Folic! does, as well as the endless amount of health projects and organizations out there: they simply care. Shouldn’t this act of caring and simplicity be enough to fulfill people and give them life-long happiness? Because it definitely would for me.

This post was written by Sharonya Shrivastava, and is part of a blog series for the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.

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