Foodie Tuesday: Citrus

   ImageRecent studies have shown that consumption of citrus fruits can have an extremely beneficial effect on women in terms of stroke risk. Citrus fruits contain compounds called flavanoids, which are secondary metabolites in the plant. The flavanoid that specifically and directly contributes to women’s health is called flavanone. Studies of women intaking flavanone showed that those women who had the most flavanones had a reduced risk of blood-clot related stroke, about a 19% decrease. This proves yet again how important it is to get in your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, and with this added bonus extremely relevant to health and stroke risk, there is no reason to not add a little more fruit to your diet each day. 

Here is an easy fruit salad recipe you can follow to make a quick and delicious snack or side for yourself. Feel free to mix and match fruits to your liking, and the more fruit, the better! This particular recipe contains 6 mcg of folate for one serving, so be sure to get in a good amount of fruit each day to maximize your folate intake.Image

For this particular recipe, gather 2 bananas, 2 oranges and 2 apples. Slice the two bananas into smaller pieces, and cut the apples and oranges into easy-to-eat pieces. Add 1 can of drained fruit cocktail, and you may add 8 ounces of lowfat yogurt if you desire. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, and refrigerate before serving. Enjoy!

To see the original recipe, click here. To learn more about the flavanone study, click here.

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