Resolutions for the Keeping

ImageWith the recent Chinese New Year celebrations, it is not too late to check up on those New Year’s resolutions initially established, as well as fashion some new ones because it is only just the beginning, and it’s never too late to make some changes in one’s life. But, with the making of these resolutions comes the problem of keeping them. Often times, resolutions are too big and too ambitious to be maintained, and therefore fall through, only to be revived yet again at the same time next year. From the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, are some guidelines for making resolutions, so you can better follow the goals that you set for yourself:

1. Instead of coming up with a broad resolution, such as, “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get physically active,” come up with a more specific goal, such as “I’m going to jog each morning” or “I will workout for 30 minutes each day.”

2.  Focus on one resolution that can be successfully achieved, instead of having multiple tasks going on that you want to complete.

3. Make a list to remind yourself of what you need to do each day to accomplish your goals.

4. Once you set your specific resolution of choice, start taking steps towards achieving the goal right away! Whether it be leaving your computer and going for a stroll or planning a healthy next meal, action without delay is key!

ImageNeed a resolution to begin with? Never fear, here are some general and popular resolutions that you can make your own, and strive to achieve depending on your lifestyle, taken from

1. Lose weight

A common resolution throughout this country, but very achievable if you have a plan. Keep a journal of what you eat and how much you exercise daily, it will help you keep up and stick to your goals!

2. Stay in touch

Rekindle old friendships and catch up with friends you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. All the social resources are out there, especially Facebook, and the more friends you make, the better, because they will only make your life even happier and more exciting.

3. Save money

Spend only when you need to, and buy only what you will use. Try to set limits on your spending each week/month depending on your tendencies.

4. Cut your stress

Lighten the load and learn to say “no” to things that you don’t have to absolutely do. Take breaks throughout the day, walk around and listen to music to keep your mood relaxed and your mind focused.

5. Volunteer

Pour some time and energy into a cause you care about, whether it is the local animal shelter or soup kitchen. Helping out another in need gives great feelings of happiness and positivity, which are good for the mind and soul.

6. Get more sleep

A full dose of shut-eye is essentially your way to reboot daily. Getting in more sleep, whether it be sleeping earlier or taking naps during the day, is very beneficial for the wellbeing and strength of the brain and mind.

I hope these tips help you make and keep your resolutions in the New Year. And if you aren’t one to make resolutions, these can just be suggestions for having a healthy and happy life in general. Enjoy!


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