Take Yr Vitamins!

We talk a lot here at Go Folic about the importance of taking a multivitamin every day to help keep you healthy.  But what is the best way for you to take your vitamins?

Here are some helpful hints:

  1. Check with your doctor first: especially if you have any allergies or specific dietary needs.  Ask your doctor what type of vitamins you should be taking regularly.
  2. Take your vitamins with food: this will help your stomach digest the vitamins without giving you a stomachache and help your body absorb the vitamins and minerals.
  3. Take your vitamins regularly: so you don’t forget!  With your busy schedule, it’s easy to miss your daily vitamin dose.  Taking your vitamins at the same time every day will help you remember more easily.
  4. Don’t mix and match: if you start taking a multivitamin, be careful about other dietary supplements or medications you may be taking.  There is such a think as too many vitamins, so you want to be careful.  If you have questions, ask your doctor.
  5. If you have any problems, stop right away and talk to your doctor

If you hate the idea of swallowing pills, you’re not alone.  Big multivitamin pills can be really uncomfortable to swallow.  If you’re having trouble, there’s a few things you can try.

  • Tilt your head backwards, which will create a clear channel for you to swallow the vitamin.
  • Put the vitamin on your tongue first, then swallow liquid.  If you place liquid in your mouth first, oftentimes your throat will close up, making it difficult to swallow your vitamins.
  • Try thicker liquids to “trick” your throat into opening wider.  Thinner liquids like water allow your throat to stay small, which can hurt when you’re taking a vitamin.  Your throat must open wider to swallow something thicker, like a shake or smoothie, allowing your multivitamin to sneak through.
  • Practice!  It’s not always easy the first few times you try, but it will become less uncomfortable with practice.

Also, we here at Go Folic sometimes sneak our vitamins into sweet treats like spoonfuls of ice cream.  Not exactly doctor recommended – but delicious!

Do you have any tips for people who are not comfortable with swallowing pills?

Tips via WikiHow.

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