Talk to Yr Girlfriends, It’s National Girlfriends Day!

Girlfriends share a lot – nights out on the town, deepest feelings, intimacy.  You care about your girlfriends, and probably want them to be happy and healthy, right?  Good thing there’s National Girlfriends Day to help you celebrate the girlfriends in your life!

One way to celebrate this special day is by doing something to keep you all healthy.  Here are some ideas from the CDC for healthy ways you to spend National Girlfriends Day:

  • Plan a healthy meal or snack: check out Go Folic’s Folate-Full Easy Recipes and Snacks guide to help you plan something tasty, like “Veggie Mini Frittatas” (OMG!).  It’s easier for people to start eating healthy when they see other people doing – and enjoying- it!
  • Get outside!:  If you live in the Bay Area, there are lots of ways for you to be out and active.  Even something as simple as a long walk can be a great way to spend time with your girlfriends (and get some good exercise too)
  • Be a friend: it’s not always sunshine and roses for you and your girlfriends.  If someone you love needs friendship and support, lend her your shoulder to cry on or get her in touch with a professional who can help.
  • Treat yourselves: there’s no better excuse to splurge on something nice for you and your girlfriends than National Girlfriends Day.  Treat yourselves to something nice (and de-stressing) like a massage or yoga class.

That’s it from us here at Go Folic!  Have a beautiful day with your girlfriends!

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