Techy Tools from Go Folic Friends

As you saw in last week’s post, there are some exciting tools out there on the web to help keep you healthy.  Here are two more we’ve come across that we thought folks would enjoy.  One is a new app to help busy parents, another is a nifty tool to check the accuracy of online health information.

Trust It or Trash It?

There’s A LOT of information out there on the web.  But when it comes to your health, you want to make sure you’re getting the right information you need from people you can trust.  That’s where Trust It or Trash It comes in.

Developed by The Access To Credible Genetics (ATCG) Resource Network, this online tool asks you to think about:

  1. Who said it?
  2. When did they say it?
  3. How did they know?

We’ve all seen websites that promise us “information,” but are actually trying to sell us something.  Other times, the information on a website is so out of date, that might not actually be true anymore.  And sometimes, websites mean well, but they’ve gotten their information from an untrustworthy source.

Trust It or Trash It helps you to weed out some of this bad information.  To dig even deeper, check out Trust It or Trash It’s scale tools to check how reliable the information on a website is.

Your health is important!  Make sure you’re getting the right information online.

Evoz Online Baby Monitor

Over-protective parents go mobile!  (just kidding!)

It can be scary for new parents to be away from their babies, even for short amounts of time.  It’s especially hard when you have to go back to work and leave your little one at home or at daycare.

But now the folks at Evoz have got you covered.  With their baby monitoring app for mobile devices, you can not only receive messages when your baby is crying, but you can also track your baby’s sleep patterns over the days, weeks, and months!

The program can also help you connect with experts and health care organizations in your area if you become concerned about your baby’s health.

The app is not free and subscription prices vary.

Via: TechCrunch

How do you feel about these online health tools?  Have you ever found misleading information on a website?  Do you think the Evoz app goes too far?

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