Texting for Health

Exciting news from the Centers for Disease Control for those of us who might need a reminder every now and then about keeping healthy!

Even if you’re not planning to become pregnant anytime soon, it’s important to make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs.  As you may have heard, we here at Go Folic feel pretty strongly that women should be getting 400 mcg of folic acid every day – not only to keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy, but also to protect against certain birth defects if you do become pregnant.  But with all that’s going on in your life, sometimes it’s really hard to remember to eat right and take your vitamins.

That’s where the CDC comes in.  Just by texting REMINDERS to 87000, you can get weekly reminders from the CDC with information about taking your vitamins, as well as other ways you can prevent birth defects (if you do decide to become pregnant down the line).  It’s free to sign up for the service, although standard texting rates do apply.

And you know what else is totally free?  Getting free multivitamins from Go Folic!  If you’ve recently run out or are in need of vitamins with 400 mcg of folic acid, there are a few ways to get your vitamins:

  • Call us at 1-800-300-9950
  • Stop by our office: 30 Van Ness, Ste. 260, San Francisco (@ Market)
  • Email us: gofolic@yahoo.com
  • If you are a Healthy SF Enrollee, or a DPH Youth Clinic or Community Health Network Client, stop by a participating clinic near you

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