Meet Kate O’Donnell

Go Folic! welcomes Kate O’Donnell to our team.

Kate with her pit bull, Peaches

Kate with her pit bull, Peaches

Kate is currently a first year Master’s of Public Health student at Columbia University in New York City, studying maternal and adolescent health.  Before going back to school, Kate was the Program Coordinator at the Josiah Hill III Clinic, a community based nonprofit in Portland, OR that works to promote community action for healthy homes.  Kate also worked for the Community Cycling Center, also in Portland, to empower youth through after school bicycling programs.

Originally from Harrisburg,PA, Kate studied anthropology and political science at the University of Pittsburgh.  She is interested in preconception health – promoting healthy moms and babies – and in finding new ways to help diverse communities access health care.

Kate is so excited to be part of the Go Folic program for the summer!  Over the next couple of months, Kate will be conducting an evaluation of our marketing campaign.  She will also be continuing Go Folic’s online outreach, so look for her posts on Facebook, Twitter, and the Go Folic blog!

When Kate’s not at work with the Go Folic team, you can find her riding her bike or hanging out with her pit bull, Peaches.

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