Welcoming Nawz Zahir

Nawz Zahir

Nawz Zahir will be helping Go Folic! expand its services to encompass more preconception and women's wellness care.

Go Folic! welcomes Nawz Zahir.  An MPH Intern from Columbia University, Nawz will be conducting an assessment with our SFDPH clinics to determine how we can best broaden the program to encompass other aspects of women’s wellness and preconception health care. 

Nawz Zahir is a master’s candidate at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in the department of Population and Family Health. Her current focus is in Reproductive and Family Health. Nawz currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Sciences with an emphasis in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine.

For two years, prior to beginning her graduate career, Nawz served as the sole Program Coordinator of the Physical Education Program for an award-winning nonprofit organization. She developed and implemented a sustainable physical education program for over 600 first through fifth grade students at Kennedy Elementary, an elementary school located in a low-income area of California.

In addition, she held monthly Parent Health & Nutrition Seminars for the parents of the community and weekly Nutrition Lessons for third through fifth grade students.

Nawz hopes that her graduate degree will strengthen her commitment to being a contributing citizen to her immediate community and for future outreach, both nationally and globally.

Welcome, Nawz!

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