Notes from the Field – OMI United Festival

Go Folic! was invited to join the OMI United Festival on April 30th .  The festival was held in Minnie & Lovie Ward Recreation Center, a newly build recreation in the Oceanview-Merced-Ingleside (OMI) neighborhood.   It has a large courtyard and different small class rooms. 

It was one of the sunniest days in April.  Go Folic! was in the courtyard giving out educational materials and free vitamins. 

One lady came by and said: “I remember you from one of your presentations.   I told my daughter who is planning to have a baby about folic acid.  She now started using your recipes brochure and eating a folate rich diet.” 

One other woman told me how great her nails became after taking folic acid. 

The woman next to her immediately said: “Really?! It really helps?  I should definitely take some.”  Now I feel how powerful and influential word of mouth can be.

Besides the great stories from our participants, Go Folic! also enjoyed the performances by community organizations.   It was also great to see Balboa Teen Health Center, Clinic by the Bay, OMI Family Resource Center, and many other organizations out there in the OMI.

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