Notes From the Field – Richmond Community Health Festival

On Saturday, May 14th, Go Folic! particpated in the 7th Annual Richmond Community Health Festival. People from all over the community gathered inside the huge gym to receive free health information and screenings for blood pressure, bone density, vision, and body mass index, among other things. Outside of the rec center, there were food tastings with steamed buns from local vendors. For the children, a book mobile was onsite, allowing them to view and purchase books.

The event was a huge success! Mei Lin and I had a steady stream of people interested in learning more about folic acid and receiving vitamins.

I remember one woman, in particular.  She came up to me and asked if she could take some vitamins for her daughter who had given birth two years ago but had stopped taking vitamins.

“Of course you can!” I replied.

She then explained that her daughter would only take them if she was the one to bring them to her. This mother talked about her relationship with her daughter and how important it was for her to be involved in her life.

She mimicked her daughter saying, “She says to me,  ‘You don’t know, you’re old Chinese’! I say to her, ‘I’m right Chinese, so do it’!” After that, her daughter would do whatever she suggested.

We died laughing, but it was great to see how it’s possible to reach people through others. I’ll bet $100 that her daughter is taking her vitamins religiously!

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