Healthy Women Bios – Anna Torrens Armstrong

Our Healthy Women Bio series is back with an interview with Anna Torrens Armstrong. Anna is a fitness instructor and online adjunct faculty member in Public Health. She is also a loving mother to her two year old son, Jack. Thank you Anna for sharing your thoughts on folic acid with us!

What can you tell us about folic acid?

It is so important for women to take to help prevent birth defects…even when you aren’t planning, your body is!

Why do you think it’s important to take a multi-vitamin?

I think it’s important because I am a very busy person and sometimes, despite my best efforts, I just can’t get all the vitamins I need from food – so I do a one a day.

What tips do you use to help remember to take your vitamins?

I keep them by my coffee maker – I never start the day without my coffee…I can’t miss it that way.

Why is women’s health important?

For me personally, its important simply because I am a woman. But I think at a societal level it is important for many reasons – we are unique in that we have children and our bodies have been such a mystery for so long. I think by helping women, in general, harness the power of being a woman, embrace it, and teach and provide for our unique health issues, our society will benefit from such efforts as a whole.

What do you like to do to be healthy?

I love to run, lift weights, travel, chase (and be chased) by my two year old son Jack, eat healthy and laugh. It is part of my lifestyle as well as my family’s lifestyle.

Is nutrition important when cooking traditional recipes?

Absolutely – I have adapted several cuban meals I cook to be healthier (but still taste great).

How do personal health practices relate to sexual health?

I think these two issues go hand in hand and sexual health is a part of personal health practices (doing it safely, knowing your body, being open with your partner, etc.).

Is being beautiful related to being healthy?

Absolutely – I think healthy puts a whole new spin on what it means to be beautiful. Some ideas of beauty, unfortunately, seem to evoke unhealthy images. Hopefully, the paradigm shift towards healthy as a new standard will also trickle into some of the images we see.

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