Need birth control? and Other Great Online Resources

Access to affordable birth control and accurate birth control info is a major health concern for most women who have male romantic and/or sexual partners.   Googling “birth control” will give you 76,800,000+ results.  The first three of these are ads that will take you to a drug company peddling a specific method.  So where can you go for accurate, unbiased information?   We decided to answer that question with a list of our favorite birth control websites. 

Choosing a method     

Quick Guide: Which Birth Control ‘Fits’ You?
WebMD’s birth control quiz can give you information to start making an informed decision before you ever get to a clinic.

Method Explorer’s method explorer includes search filters like “most effective”, party-ready (mix better with booze), and do me now (allow for spontaneous sex).  It also provides video clips of real 20-something women talking about their personal experiences, likes and dislikes of each individual method.

Birth Control Q&A
Have additional questions about specific birth control methods?  Check out Planned Parenthood’s FAQ section.

Birth Control Info in 7 Languages
California’s Family PACT website has client info sheets on each of the birth control methods in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, and large print English.

Where to go for birth control and emergency contraception       

Inside California

Outside California

Want a reminder? provides two text reminder services:

If you have a favorite website of your own, we invite you to post it either here, or on our Facebook page.

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