More Colorful Food Tips! – Healthy Women Bio – Clara Cheeves

National Nutrition Month is almost over, but healthy eating habits are important all year long. Make sure to eat well every month by “Eating Right, With Color!” Today we bring you another artist’s thoughts on using color in art and cooking!

Clara Cheeves, Artist

What is your favorite color and why?
My favorite colors are yellow ochre, various shades of blue, and red. I like earth tones, but a bit of red to punctuate things and add a little heat to life is always nice.

How do you use color in your art?
I like to use complimentary color combinations, to convey emotions. Color is just part of life for me!

What does “Eat Right With Color” mean to you?
Eating right with color is having each meal contain a variety of colors. I talk about this with my preschool kids and get them excited about all the different color foods in their lunch!

Why do you think it is important to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet?
It is important because different colored fruits and veggies hold different vitamins your body can use.

What is your most colorful recipe?
Gado Gado – this is not my recipe – it is from Moosewood Cookbook but it has yellow rice, purple cabbage, green spinach, orange carrots, green broccoli, tan tofu, yellow and white eggs and brown peanut sauce. This thing has so many veggies you start to feel healthier while you are eating it!

Check out tomorrow’s Foodie Tuesday post for the Gado Gado recipe. Yum!

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