Before You Frolic…Go Folic! – Celebrate the Launch of Go Folic! UK!

Everyone around the world is talking about the importance of folic acid!

This week the UK launched their own Go Folic! folic acid awareness campaign. We are so proud that this message is spreading across the globe and that women around the world are learning about the benefits of folic acid.

At the launch Lisa Cain from the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus gave a moving speech. She urges women to “take Folic Acid  BEFORE you become pregnant-many of us would not have had to face the lifelong challenges that we and our parents did. We’d have been the same people, the same babies, but born healthy. This is why I believe  ‘Go Folic!’ that we are launching today is the first step on a campaign of monumental importance to this and future generations.

Please, join us and whatever else you do from now on Go Folic!!”

The new program was given a full ceremony at Parliament in London. Public Health Minister Ann Milton, MP also came out to support Go Folic! UK. We wish we could have been there and wish them all the best from San Francisco!

Read more about the launch here, and check out their great quiz to test how much you know about folic acid.

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