Go Folic! Goes Walking!

The Shape Up San Francisco 2011 Walking Challenge has started! Go Folic! team members are joining the challenge to increase our physical activity and stay healthier. Read more about the challenge below:

Shape Up San Francisco is proud to once again motivate all those who live, work or play in San Francisco to increase their physical activity with the 2011 Walking Challenge.  The Challenge starts by asking anyone to create or join a team (within their neighborhood, workplace, school, family, etc.), track how much they are physically active, and log it online on our website (www.shapeupsfwalkingchallenge.com). All exercise is tracked in miles (the website includes a simplified conversion of 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity equals 1 mile). Each person’s “miles” will contribute to their team’s total. The goal is for each team to collectively “walk” enough miles to virtually complete a walk of the coastline of California—approximately 1,016 miles—within the 10 weeks of the Challenge.

The Walking Challenge encourages walking as a primary way to meet this goal because it’s free and beneficial for all ages and fitness levels, but we hope that all participants will use any activity that helps keep them motivated, whether it’s dance classes, cycling, swimming, playing tag with the kids or even cleaning the house! For things that can’t be measured in miles, just use the equation of 20 mins vigorous activity = 1 mile.

Go Folic! Team Member Yaa Enin just led members of her church in a walk-a-thon event last weekend. Cristina Ibarra will be increasing her exercise through dancing salsa and tango. And Mei Lin Huang will be taking zumba classes! We’re all doing our part to stay active. What will you do?

2 thoughts on “Go Folic! Goes Walking!

  1. Wow! The whole team is participating! I will be upping exercise, too! More lengthy walk to/from office and adding strength training to my routine!

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