Happy Valentine’s Day – Announcing the New and Improved FC2!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

The San Francisco Department of Public Health is excited to announce the launch of the new and improved female condom – the FC2. The new condom is made out of a softer and more comfortable material, has a new easy-to-use removable ring, and will be available at select Walgreens stores around the city. Today for the Valentine’s Day launch a travelling bus will distribute the new FC2 to destinations across San Francisco.

Like male condoms, the FC2 protects against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. As with any method of protection, it is important to read the directions and follow instructions carefully. The FC2 gives women an alternate choice to male condoms. As Shawna Pattison, a Health Educator for New Generation Health Center in San Francisco suggests, “Couples could take turns taking on the responsibility of protection, for example saying: ‘You wore one last time, I’ll wear one this time!’ “.

Check out this video from Washington DC’s “DC’s Doin’ It Campaign” to hear women talk about why they’re giving the FC2 a try!

This Valentine’s Day, love yourself as much as you love others. Use protection and commit to safe sexual health!

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