Notes from the Field – Go Folic! at the Fillmore Farmer’s Market

Last weekend I went out to the Fillmore Farmer’s Market to hand out multivitamins in celebration of Folic Acid Awareness Week.  It was a cold morning and there were fewer shoppers than usual.  People walked around the stalls, checking out the week’s fresh produce, talking with the farmers and their neighbors.  One shopper took off warm mittens to pick up an apple at the table next door.  Another lowered their scarf to ask a question about a big bundle of beets.  All the shoppers at the market seemed happy to leave behind weeks of unhealthy holiday eating and focus on fresher, healthier food.

My table was set up next to the Market Information table.  My neighbors were two friendly women who answered market questions and handed out free recipes.  One told me that the Fillmore Market is happy to accept EBT, and will be offering users promotional credits in spring.   The woman also told me about her work with the Cooking Matters program.  The program brings six weeks of cooking classes and materials to community groups and shares lessons on how to cook healthfully without spending a lot of money.  I was glad to hear that little things like these exist to help make fresh eating easier for those of us on tight budgets. 

Even though the cold meant less stops at the Go Folic! table, it was great to talk to women who wanted to learn about folic acid.  One mother brought her two twin daughters to the table to get free vitamins.  At 14, both girls had already outgrown their smiling mother, towering over her by several inches.  I thought it was great that they were starting good habits early, getting their daily dose of nutrients through a multivitamin, and through the delicious vegetables they had picked up at the market.

Every time I go to an event for Go Folic!  I learn something new about the neighborhoods around us and the ways people care for their health.  It’s the best part of this job, because every time is different and meaningful.  Next week we’ll go to a Family Resource Center in Potrero.  I can’t wait to share more stories with all of you!

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