Awesome New Teen Survival Guide from Girls Health!

Between Facebook and the internet and TV and endless texting and messaging, there’s a ton of information out there for teens.  But sometimes the information we get about our health from parents, friends, the media, or school just isn’t enough.  And for parents and adults, sometimes there are topics we just don’t know how to talk about with our teens. recently put out a great Teen Survival Guide to help teen girls get the info they need to be healthy inside and out.  The guide can be printed out or accessed online, and it’s full of great information and helpful teen tips.  Ever wanted to know the best ways to take care of your skin naturally?  How about the real facts about STDs?  Or how to handle bullying?  Or what you should know about pads vs tampons?   This guide has it all, with real questions from teens and real answers from professionals.  Because the body grows very rapidly during teen years, teens should also make sure to get at least 400mcg of folic acid everyday. 

We love the tag-line:  “Be Healthy.  Be Happy.  Be You.  Beautiful.”  Because at Go Folic! we always believe that true beauty is about being healthy from the inside out.

Check out the guide and pass it on to friends!

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