Go Folic! Goes to Festivals!

Did you see us this past weekend in the Tenderloin or Portola?  The sun was shining and so were the smiles of community members getting their free vitamins!  Go Folic! Outreach Team members Mei Lin and Cristina handed out nearly 300 bottles of vitamins to San Fransico women, and spread the word to many more that folic acid is good for promoting health and beauty!  Check out the photos below to see us in action at the Tenderloin Community Health Fair and the Portola Festival, and stop by our Flickr too to see us at past events.  If you didn’t see us this weekend, find out how to get your free vitamins here, or check back to see when we’re coming to YOUR neighborhood 🙂

Go Folic! in the TL…

Happy mama and baby with vitamins!

this beautiful mama and baby agreed to smile for the GoFolic! blog 🙂

and in Portola!

Below, performers sing and dance on the main stage!

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