Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Recipe

Today is Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.  Besides the well known moon cake, Chinese people also eat other food, like water caltrops, taro, pummel, chestnut, and dried persimmon.  Each food has its meaning.

Taro, one of the festival foods, is high in vitamins and minerals.  It is also a starchy vegetable.  Taro is usually slightly purple or grey in color.  People in the Southern part of China use cooked taro to expel evil.  There is a tradition in Shunde, China that people will cook taro a day ahead, and use the taro to worship the gods on the day of the Autumn Moon Festival.

Here is a simple taro recipe you can make today and enjoy with a mooncake.

Pan Fried Taro Strips


1 lb taro

1 oz  dried shrimp

2 large eggs

2 teaspoon  vegetable oil

½ teaspoon  salt

1  tablespoon corn starch


1.      Peel taro and shred it into small strips

2.      Soak dried shrimp well and cut into small pieces

3.      Mix eggs, salt, and corn starch

4.      Put taro and dried shrimp into the mixture

5.      Pan fry on low heat until golden brown

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