Vote for Your Favorite Go Folic! Autumn Moon Festival Lantern!

Vote for your favorite Go Folic! Autumn Moon Festival lanterns at

We invited students from the Nam Kue Chinese School and Central Chinese High School in America to make Autumn Moon Festival Lanterns. Lantern entries had to feature foods that are high in the important B Vitamin, folate or folic acid.

We received numerous entries. Our Contest Committee chose 5 finalists from each language level – beginning and advanced. Now it is your turn to pick three winners in each category. All winners will win cash prizes and be honored on the main stage at the Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival this weekend.

Join us at the awards ceremony!

Winners will be awarded cash prizes and a certificate at the San Francisco Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival

Date: Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time: 3:30 PM

Location: Washington Street Stage

About the Autumn Moon Festival

Click here to learn stories/myths related to the Autumn Moon Festival, including why in China, a rabbit rather than an old man lives in the moon.

(Please note, just in case the characters look funny, below is the same post in Chinese!)

選出您最喜歡的Go Folic!中秋燈籠!





  • 從每個組別中各選出3個你最喜歡的燈籠
  • 每人只可投票一次
  • 截止日期:二零一零年九月十七日 星期五 下午五點



日期:二零一零年九月十九日 星期日



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