CONTEST ALERT – August Winner Announced

Congratulations to Jenny F. from San Francisco for winning our “Where are my August Multis?” contest!  She guessed correctly that the picture at right was taken at the Heart of the City Farmer’s Market on Hyde Street and Fulton Street.

Heart of the City Farmer’s is located in San Francisco’s United Nation Plaza.  It was started on June 14, 1981.  The farmer’s market now has on average 65 farmers.  The farmers come from various parts of the California with fresh and nutritious items.  There are stands for everything from fruits and vegetables to flowers, popcorn, nuts, fish, and live fowl.

The market is now open on Wednesdays and Sundays.  It gets more than 8,000 shoppers each day.  The statue is of Simon Bolivar on a horse statue. In 1984 it was a “Gift from Venezuela to the People of San Francisco.”

Stay tuned for our next “Where are My September Multis” on Monday, September 13, 2010.  For even more chances to win, visit our booth this Saturday at the Sunset Autumn Moon Festival or click here to visit our website contest page.

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