CONTEST ALERT – July 2010 Winner Announced

Our July Multis were at Union Square.

Congratulations to Amor N. from San Francisco for winning our “Where are my July Multis?” contest!  She guessed the correct answer for the picture at left – “Union Square, the southwest corner Powell and Geary”.

Union Square is located at the heart of old San Francisco.  It was created by Jasper O’Farrell in 1847.  During the Civil War, the square was the site for rallies supporting for the Union Army. That was how it gained its name – Union Square.  The towering monument in the photo background was added in 1903.  It is topped with a bronze Goddess Victory .  In the 1930s, Union Square got the world’s first underground parking structure.

If you missed or didn’t win our July contest, don’t worry.  We will announce our “Where Are My August Multis Contest” tomorrow, August 5. Click here for more about Go Folic! contests and prizes…

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