First Healthy Veggie Bio – Corn


Summer started a few weeks ago.  We are still enjoying our splendid weather.  There is one activity that most of us will do this summer.  Barbecue!!!  One of the vegetables you will most likely bring… is guess what…. Corn!!

Today, our FIRST Veggie Bio is about corn.

When you think of corn, you might think of high fructose corn syrup, popcorn, or tortilla chips.  However, corn is not as bad as you think.  Corn is a good source of Vitamin B1 and folate.  Corn is a year round vegetable. But summer has the freshest and the sweetest corn.

Corn is believed to have originated in Mexico or Central America. It has been one of the staples in native civilizations for more than 7000 years.  Corn is a good source of nutrients.  Each cup of cooked corn contains:  

  • 24% of your daily requirement for Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)
  • 19% of your daily folate
  • 17% of your daily Vitamin C
  • 17% of your daily phosphorus
  • 14% of your daily pantothenic acid 
Corn Nutrients

Source: World's Healthiest Foods

The nutrients in corn can give you better cardio, lung, and memory health. 

According to “World’s Healthiest Foods” by George Mateljan, beta-cryptoxanthin is found in highest amounts in corn, pumpkin, and papaya.  Research shows that consumption high in this phytochemical can lower the risk of lung cancer. 

Sweet corn is a good source of folate.  Folate can reduce the level of homocysteine in the body.  High levels of homocysteine can damage blood vessels and contribute to your risk for heart disease.  High folate consumption can also lower birth defect rates and risk of colon cancer.

The high amount of thiamine in sweet corn may help to protect against age-related memory loss because this B vitamin prevents cognitive decline. 

There are many more health benefits from eating fresh, sweet corn.  If you want to make a healthy dish with delicious corn, stay tuned for tomorrow’s Foodie Tuesday.

What other fruits/vegetables you are curious about?  Leave us a comment and let us know.

3 thoughts on “First Healthy Veggie Bio – Corn

  1. Interesting article about corn. It’s good to know that consumption high in this phytochemical found in corn can lower the risk of lung cancer. I should go out and ear more sweet corn. Thank you for sharing such invaluable health information. Keep up the good news.

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