Healthy Women Bios – Go Folic! Welcomes New Member Mei Lin Huang

Mei Lin’s Chinese Bio

My name is Mei Lin Huang.  I am the new outreach team member for Go Folic! — a Women’s Health Project of San Francisco Department of Public Health.  It is my pleasure to join this family.

I was born in China and immigrated to the United States when I was 12 years old.  I have lived in the Portola neighborhood ever since. I recently graduated from San Francisco State University with degrees in Dietetics, Chinese, and Family and Consumer Science.

I was a student organizer at the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement at San Francisco State University.  I worked on different projects at this Institute ranging from research, planning and organizing health fairs and events, to conducting neighborhood needs assessments.  In the years working at the Institute, I developed skills for phone and in-person interviews, event organizing, team building and team work, communication with various age groups and ethnicities, and community skills.

I am very excited to join the Go Folic! team.  With my background in nutrition, I understand how important folate and folic acid is to women in childbearing age.  I have a passion for nutrition.  I hope I can reach out to the Chinese community and raise the awareness of folic acid.

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