Healthy Women Bios – Remy Allums

Remy Allums is one of eight Bay Area women featured on our Go Folic! information handouts.  These women were part of our Go Folic! photo shoot because they know that Folic Acid = Beauty from the inside out.  We asked Remy to talk to us about her experience with Folic Acid and women’s health, and this is what she had to say:

Where do you live?

Jack London, California

What is your age?


What do you do for work?

Property Management

Why did you decide to participate in the photo shoot?

I want other women to be aware of all the great things Folic Acid is beneficial for.

How much did you know about folic acid before the photo shoot?

I participated in several surveys, so by time of the shoot I knew a lot.

Did what you learn influence your behavior in any way? If yes, how?

Yes! I am still taking the vitamins and in addition I have also begun looking [at] and consuming foods that contain folic acid.

Do you take a multi-vitamin?  Do you do anything special to remember to take it?

I do take a multi-vitamins and I place some in my purse, some at work, some in the kitchen and other miscellaneous places, so as soon as I remember I can take them.

What is one thing you’d like to tell other women about this subject?

Folic Acid is not just for pregnant women. Although it can benefit your future baby, you do not have to desire children to take this vitamin.  GO FOLIC ACID!

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