Healthy Woman Bio – Go Folic! Welcomes Kitty Ha to the Team!

I’m Going Folic!

My name is Kitty Ha and will be interning with the Go Folic! Women’s Nutrition Project at MCAH this summer. I will be developing and implementing evaluation tools to assess the effectiveness of the vitamin distribution program and the effectiveness of campaign messages and efforts.

 I am a native San Franciscan and grew up in the Richmond district.  I obtained my undergraduate degree at University of California, Davis in Communication and am currently pursuing my MPH at San Jose State University.

Prior to my return to higher education, I had been a Community Organizer with the Richmond Area Multi-Services and Safety Network Partnership.  In my role as Community Organizer I have been fortunate to work with many community partners and residents through non-profits, coalitions, community programs, schools, and churches, particularly in the west side of the city.  My main focus had been outreaching to the Chinese-speaking communities and providing them with information and connecting them to resources.  In my term, I started the Chinese Community Resource Day, a semi-annual event that provides a comfortable setting for the Chinese-speaking community to receive information and to bring up issues in their native language.  In addition, I collaborated with community partners in hosting regular meetings to foster open communications between legislatures, city departments, service providers, merchants, and residents.  It is through these organizing activities that I realize that there is much more to building a healthy community than merely providing information and education.  Thus, I returned to school to gain more knowledge and skills in creating a healthier environment for individuals and families to practice healthy behaviors they learn.

In particular, I am interested in working around women’s health because women are often the ones who care for those around them and neglect to care for themselves.  Since women are the primary care takers for others, I feel it is extra important that women have the same support and care for themselves.  Go Folic! is a great example of women caring for their bodies at an early age to prepare for childbearing.  In the months to come I am enthusiastic about working with Go Folic! and its partners to learn about the program’s successes and changes in women’s health.

To everyone I have met, thank you for the warm welcome.  To those I have yet to meet, I am looking forward to it!

5 thoughts on “Healthy Woman Bio – Go Folic! Welcomes Kitty Ha to the Team!

  1. This is great! I’ve been doing some research on implementing Web 2.0 tools in a public health related project. WordPress is such a good resource for us to use. Nice profile Kitty!

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